Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Let me introduce you to my favourite dress! Readers: Flamingo Dress. Flamingo Dress: Readers. I was looking for something special for date night with my sweetheart at the incredibly stylish and delectable Jasmine's Foodery in Port Dover.  I'll be featuring Jasmine's here on Outskirts in a couple of weeks.

As you can see, this fabulous Billabong dress has a ruffled hem that hits above (okay, WAY above) the knee in front, and mid-calf in the back. The bodice is slightly structured with cute little pleats. Want one? I bought mine at Dave's World in Port Dover, (another future feature on Outskirts!) but you should be able to find it on the Billabong website if there are any left...The chef at Jasmine's (Jasmine herself!) was coveting mine and I hope she made it to the store in time to score one; immensely talented chefs should definitely have fabulous dresses. In fact, all women should have fabulous dresses, and I really think you should go get one right now. You don't even need an excuse like date night; dresses are for anytime, not just special occasions.

Flamingo speaks volumes for itself, so there's no need to over-accessorize. I settled on a turquoise choker, handcarved resin red bangle and carved bone Tibetan prayer beads on my wrist, and the perfect brown leather ankle-strap Volcom sandals, also available at Dave's World.

And what else does a country fashionista need to complete her ensemble on a sultry summer evening? A sweet vintage CCM Elan, my recent find at the Waterford Antique Market. Okay, obviously this dress and a bicycle would be a disastrous combination, I was really just aiming for a little photographic panache. I will not bike in this ensemble: I will strut.

Happy fashion, everyone!


  1. I noticed you didn't draw attention to the temperature noted on the thermometer! Is it hot out there or is it just you?! ; )

  2. I was going to! I really was! And then I deleted it because I didn't think anyone would notice....silly me.